1997 Was 20 Years Ago? 20 Things That'll Make You Feel Old Now

1997 Was 20 Years Ago? 20 Things That'll Make You Feel Old Now
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Wanna feel old? 1997 was 20 years ago. The year "Roseanne" went off the air, Third Eye Blind had hit singles and we lost the icon Princess Diana. No really, all of that happened two decades ago. Here are 20 things you'll remember like yesterday from the year 1997.

Tamagotchis Owned Christmas

Giga Pets were cool too, but Tamagotchis were the number one selling toy that holiday season.

The Kid from Home Alone 3 Will Turn 28 This Year

In no way was this one better than the first two, but we still remember how cute the lead was. Can’t believe he’s almost 30 now.

Daria Premiered

The MTV blessing aired for the first time that year. Those GIFs we’re all using seem so vintage now.

Kylie Jenner Was Born

It’s hard to imagine any of that family as never not existing today since they are EVERYWHERE.

Topanga Turned 16 & Now Has a Teen

Boy Meets World was a Friday night must-watch 20 years ago, and it was in ‘97 that Topanga celebrated her Sweet 16 and pretty soon her own daughter will on Girl Meets World.

A Clinton Ran the Country

He was sworn in for his second term that year.

We Lost Biggie

The rap and music world took a big loss with the death of Notorious B.I.G., but we did gain a major hit single from Puff Daddy and Co.

Sarah Michelle Geller Became Buffy

Nah, she just got that show five yea- OMG, Buffy could legit have kids today who are fighting vampires.

The World Got Cloned

Okay, so it was just a sheep and not the whole world BUT scientists did clone Dolly. Not sure what they’ve done since but...still, pretty cool!

Two of the Hottest Stars Starred in a Movie Together

Zayn and Harry may be all the rage today, but back in the day Tiger Beat was ALL about Devon Sawa and JTT, and because of that we all were obsessed with Wild America. Today here’s what Devon and JTT look like.

They Were Hot, but George Clooney was the Sexiest Man Alive

People claimed he was the sexiest man like every other year in the ‘90s.

MTV Aired Music

1997 was the year Carson Daly went from a VJ to a pop culture god with the premiere of Total Request. It didn’t have the live aspect, but it led the way to our favorite screaming fans in Times Square.

The First Harry Potter Book was Released

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hit shelves that year in the UK, but got a new name when it came over to the US come 1998.

Jack Dawson Went Under

It’s been over a century since the real Titanic sank, but two decades since we watched Rose take up that whole piece of wood while Jack just froze to death.

The Teletubbies Started to Haunt Us

To this day that show makes very little sense, but remember that baby who was freakishly in the sun? Look at her now!

Backstreet Boys Took Over the States

They’d been doing well in the UK for some time, but it wasn’t until ‘97 that they dropped their US debut and the rest is history. Note, they are the best selling boy band ever. Take that N’SYNC fans!

Spice World was a Movie in Theaters

There is no way a movie like this would make it to the big screen today, but that’s why the ‘90s were a magical time. That bus scene? Still Epic.

Tommy Hilfiger was Everywhere

If you didn’t rock Tommy, you apparently knew nothing about style.

Hercules Our Disney Eye Candy

Aladdin was so yesterday after you set your eyes upon this Greek god.

The South Park Boys Came to Life

If they'd aged, they'd be almost 30 today but we're kind of glad to have been watching the same grade school kids for 20 years now.

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