7 AMAZING Sex Toys We Were Blessed With In 2016

7 AMAZING Sex Toys We Were Blessed With In 2016

We are always looking on ways to improve how we get down in the bedroom. Sometimes it's talking with our partners, maybe you go on vacation. Of course you can always just getting down to the basics and getting some toys to spice things the hell up!

Obviously we’ve got to stay on top of the trends, else we might be left in the stone ages with some ancient vibrator. It's more important these days with how fast sex tech is improving. With that, here are the best sex toys that came our way this past year!

We-Vibe Sync

For almost $200 bucks, We-Vibe Sync is the number one rated vibrator for couples well worth the change because with its flexibility, couples are more free to change positions without having to deal with making pesky adjustments.


This bad boy not only gets things going by stimulating your clitoris, but also Cayona gets up in there to give you some internal pleasure as well.

Diver Egg Vibe

This is a dream if you live with roommates because it's quiet AF. Plus, if you thought technology was kind of just okay - Egg Vibe comes with an app. So you can control your vibing needs with your phone. Now that's the future ya'll.

Sir Richard's Element Masturbation Sleeve

If you're a bit of a clean freak, but still want to be a bit of a freak in the sheets - Sir Richard’s is for you. It covers most of the penis so you can focus all your attention on the head making this perfection for both hand and blowjobs.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo

The weight of this high quality porcelain dildo is perfect for G-spot stimulation. Enough said, we're in!

Rianne S. Heart Vibe

If your man isn't down with the typical cock shaped vibrator, then why not opt for this Heart Vibe that you can have out in the open. Because really, this doesn't even look like your typical sex toy, right?

JimmyJane Form 1

We've all heard those horror stories of couples who wear vibrators out so their partner can stimulate at dinner...well we're about to end the nightmares with JimmyJane. It fits perfectly into place so that there's no awkward slipping and sliding, just good old fashioned public foreplay.

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