Amazing Sleeve Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Rock a Tank Top All Year!

Amazing Sleeve Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Rock a Tank Top All Year!
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Calling all artsy, edgy, bold women who dig body art! There's something you've gotta see, and it's these totally dope sleeve tattoos. They're so rad, you'll want to copy them and show them off all the time. Even when it's snowing and the thought of wearing something sleeveless seems crazy, you'll want to push up your sleeves and make a style statement.

If you're looking for a little tattoo inspo, these sleeve designs will definitely get you in the mood to run off and get inked in a big way!

Edgy Meets Girly

There's something about a skull that sends a badass vibe. And flowers are as girly as you can get. So when you pair the two together, you get an edgy, yet feminine look that represents the complexity of women, which is what makes us so great!

Floral Half Sleeve

Most sleeve tattoos cover your entire arm, but sometimes a half sleeve is just as dope. You really can't go wrong with a simple floral design, and if you forego a colorful style, you'll give your tat a more unique appearance.

Tweet Tweet

The way this tattoo only incorporates red in certain places is really cool! The birds are a charming choice that neutralizes the design. The elements of nature add some femininity back in, making this a beautiful work of arm art.

The Protective Owl

Whoo whoo's got a cool tattoo? This girl! It's like the owl is protecting her from anyone who tries to mess with her. And unless that owl gives you permission to pass, you'll have a hard time getting that key away from him to unlock your way through.

Dreamy Dreamcatcher

Ladies with a Bohemian spirit would look great with this ink on their arm. The dreamcatcher is a classic symbol for Bohemian style, and this is a fabulous way to etch your hippie-ish ways onto your skin forever.

Wild Mixin'

Not only does this woman have two sleeve tattoos, she has a different design on each arm. That's what I call art! Mixing two different designs is such a creative idea. If you can't decide on a tattoo design, follow in her footsteps and go with two!

Rock 'n Roll

Music is the one language that is universal. And if you've got music constantly playing inside of you, you might as well get it playing outside of you too! Whether you're a musician, or just a music lover, this sleeve tattoo is sure to impress. It's totally (and literally) rockin'!

Simply Sexy

I don't know about you, but when I look at this sleeve tattoo, it reminds me of lingerie. It's so delicate looking, but the intricate details are amazing! The way it narrows at the wrist is so sexy, you don't need to wear any jewelry at all.

Colorful Details

With bright colors and incredible details, this sleeve tat is hard not to stare at with awe. There's so much to see, your eyes don't know where to look! But that's not a bad thing. Any lady with a free-spirit who's full of life should totally consider an artistic design like this on her arm.

Winter Wedding

Want a sleeve tattoo that will make you look radiant in your wedding dress? Something like this floral design would be gorgeous! The rich red colors make it ideal for a winter wedding, but it's beautiful enough that you could show it off in any season. 

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