Coregasm: The Exercise Induced Orgasm You Can Give Yourself

Coregasm: The Exercise Induced Orgasm You Can Give Yourself
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Step 1: Go to the gym

Step 2: Begin your ab workout

Step 3: Orgasm


Yup, having an orgasm from yoga or engaging in core exercise, aka: a coregasm, is a thing. We know you'd like to jump on that train! Whether you want to add some sprinkles to the cupcake of your usual endorphin-filled gym-going session, or have some time to kill at home before a night out, who wouldn't want to at least try it? Get on your back and get ready to learn how you can give yourself your very first coregasm!

Bicycle Crunches

Right after some cardio, hit the mat immediately, bellybutton to spine, and do some bicycle crunches. Work HARD. This will be your best bet to get that coveted coregasm.

Pigeon Pose

Doesn't it just look sexual? Get in formation, yoga style  and ease your way into a slow-burn coregasm.

Camel Pose

Yeah baby, bend yourself and experience that thin line between pleasure and pain!

Wheel Pose

If you'd like an added challenge adapted from Camel Pose, get on your tip-toes and support your full weight with your hands.NYC-based yogi trainer Heidi Kristoffer swears by this pose because of the position of the G-spot.

Hanging Side Crunches

One of the tips to get a coregasm? You've gotta dig deep, and reach muscles that you've never engaged before. Once you build baseline core strength, a coregasm is easier to attain.

Medicine Ball Crunch

Tensing your abs, with an emphasis on engaging your obliques from side-to-side can engage the pelvic floor, and oooh yeah, you know what's next.

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