Frugal Fashionista: How to Upgrade Your Fall Wardrobe For Under $200

Frugal Fashionista: How to Upgrade Your Fall Wardrobe For Under $200

Fall is here! Yay! Time to update your wardrobe so that you can look like the autumn fashion plate that you know you are. And no, you don’t have to stress about where you’re going to get the money from in order to do it. Taking your style up a notch usually requires more of a good eye than a high credit card limit.

Don’t believe us? We checked out the latest fall fashion trends and came up with some ways that you can upgrade your fall look for less than $200. Look for sales. If you’re shopping online, go to sites like Retail Me Not for promo codes. And remember that you don’t have to buy everything at once. You’ve got until around Christmas to get your fall fashion together.

Start by picking a few of these items up…

Something in pumpkin

The must-have color for this fall season is pumpkin. Should be no surprise there since it’s the time of year for bonfires, harvest festivals and of course, Halloween. It can be a mini skirt (mini skirt suits are trending too), turtleneck or an accessory like a backpack (also in style), scarf or pair of gloves. Just make sure something in your wardrobe is this color. It’s such a signature look for fall.

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