Guys, Women Actually Hate When You Do These Things In Bed

Guys, Women Actually Hate When You Do These Things In Bed

To the guys who think they know exactly how to please a woman - this post is for you.

You might not be aware of it, but you make mistakes in between the sheets all the time. Maybe it's because of all the porn you watch, or maybe you're just slightly clueless on what women really want. Too blunt? Nah it's tough love!

Regardless, you guys don't have everything figured out. And that's not a bad thing... as long as you're willing to listen and learn. There are things you fellas do that us ladies absolutely hate, and I've taken the liberty of writing a few of those things down.

Guys, instead of ignoring what's on this list, pay close attention and avoid doing these things! 

When You Talk Dirty

Personally, I'm a fan of dirty talk. But some women absolutely hate it. They don't want all that chatter when they're trying to focus on your hot bod. 

When You Ask If We Like It

There's nothing more annoying than a guy constantly asking, "Do you like that?" If we're not screaming in agony, we like it! Okay? 

When You Move Our Head Down There

You should never, EVER, move our heads towards your penis. If we wanted to suck your dick, we would. Don't try and nonchalantly force us! Rude.

When You Hand Us The Condom

It's not our job to put the condom on. You guys should be able to handle that one on your own. Don't you think?

When You Just Stop

If you didn't hear us orgasm, you should keep going. Don't stop just because you've completed your part of the journey.

When You Bite Our Nipples

Honestly, it just hurts (and leaves weirdly shaped bruises). 

When You Want To Ejaculate Everywhere

Like, on our face, hair, eyes - and other places where semen doesn't belong.

When You Randomly Change Speeds

If we don't tell you to go faster, you shouldn't go faster! In fact, you shouldn't change your speed at all - unless instructed.

When You Try A Different Hole

Some women like anal sex, and some don't. Regardless, you should never touch that area without asking permission first!

When You Smell

Fellas, please make sure you're clean before having sex. We don't want a smelly, naked guy on top, under or around us. 

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