Here's How To Become A Snapchat Filter Goddess This Halloween

Here's How To Become A Snapchat Filter Goddess This Halloween
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You open your phone daily to check your social apps, and get a ping about some new Snapchat filters. You take a moment to indulge. What would you look like as a dog, princess, french maid, or um... throwing up rainbows? No need to imagine, because Snapchat allows you to literally try a look on for size thanks to some pretty creative filters. 

While some keep the looks confined to their screens, others want to take it to the next level. According to ABC News, Pinterest searches for Snapchat costumes are up 1500%. It's clearly trending, and beauty bloggers are taking notes and making videos!

Get inspired with these easy, super on trend Snapchat filter makeup tutorials.

Snapchat Butterfly

The filter that makes you look like a glistening goddess can be recreated IRL. Yes, please!

Snapchat Bee

If you want to emphasize your eyes, and bee in on all the buzz, try this look out. No need to shy away from being Queen Bee!

Snapchat Rainbow

If you want to be the quintessential Snapchat filter, this one is your best bet. Everyone knows (and loves, or hates) the infamous rainbow vomit filter, and hey, it isn't too hard to pull off!

Snapchat Dog

This cute, loyal, low-maintenance and fun makeup look also happens to be one of the simplest out there. Just paint on and around your nose, and finish with some ears, and viola, Snapchat dog!

Snapchat Deer

Who doesn't want to get doe-eyed, and Bambi-fied? We say, ready, set, prance!

Snapchat Lion

Get glittery-glam, and epitomize fierce with this intense cat eye and voluminously fluffy mane. 

Snapchat Galaxy

Look out-of-this-world with a sunset color palette, and beautiful detail work including constellations around your eyes, and stars on your lips.  

Snapchat Panda

If you have black eyeliner, you already have most of what you need for this panda-inspired look. Look cute, cuddly, and unique with a pretty floral headband and paper cut-out ears.

Snapchat Lace Mask

If you have a steady hand, and an eye for details, get ready for this noir look with a bold red lip. Classic old Hollywood, meets masquerade. 

Snapchat Drag

The key here is to go all out- don't hold back on the amount of product and depth of color that you pile on. The whole look is meant to look anything but natural. 

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