How To Overcome A Low Sex Drive

How To Overcome A Low Sex Drive
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Something plaguing this nation is low sex drive for women. According to reports there are far too many women lacking the want for some action. Shame, I know!

But hey, it’s not our fault we’re wired a little differently when it comes to getting turned on and being ready to go. When we feel a disconnect from our own bodies, we don’t want to crawl into bed. Thankfully though that same wiring gives us a chance to combat this low libido with a few changes to our environment and lives.

Be The Star

Whether you're a mother or not, you’re a woman and society has taught you to be a caretaker. Basically we innately put others before ourselves. So when it comes to sex, we need to put ourselves in the spotlight in order to calm down and let our guards down. Make sure you’re the one in the spotlight next time, and see if that helps get your juices flowing.

Get Creative

Men can just go based on a mountain that looks like a pair of boobs. Us? It sometimes takes a little, or a lot, more. Reading an erotic novel, taking a sexy vacation or introducing new toys into the bedroom could really help spice your life up.

Knowing Is The Best Medicine

Women rarely ask themselves what turns them on. Think about that, hell - write a list. Oh and while you’re at it, make sure to jot down what definitely turns you off. Then talk about them with your partner. If you don’t make the dos and don’ts obvious, they may never know.

Take A Solo Journey

Make time to pleasure yourself and get in tune with your own body. If you’re not comfortable with your body and how it reacts to pleasure, it’s going to be hard to get excited when you have someone else in bed.

Trust In Foreplay

This isn’t just about hands heading south for a couple minutes before your clothes come off. Try extending the dirty talk, teasing and so forth and so on throughout dinner, or even during the day via text. Sexting is a great way to get warmed up early, just be sure to double check who you’re sending it too!

Break The Routine

Many women start to lose a little interest when sex becomes the same old thing. When they’re expected to do it every Wednesday night, there’s nothing really special to it. Their partners should try and be more spontaneous to get their girl into it again.

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