Kim Kardashian Returns To Her Website AND Instagram To Share Sweet Family Moments

Kim Kardashian Returns To Her Website AND Instagram To Share Sweet Family Moments
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Kim Kardashian returned to Instagram Tuesday — for the first time since her robbery in Paris last October — to share an adorable, candid photo of her stunning family.

The same day, Kardashian also popped on her website to post a video montage of rare home video clips. If you ignore the fact that her family is decked out in designer duds, they all look jarringly un-celebrity-ish — but in the best way.

For instance, one of the video's opening scenes features the 36-year-old star/emoji kween stirring a pot of food and later dining with her hubby, rapper Kanye West, at a fold-up table.

A later shot shows West admiring a Christmas lights display as he gently holds his 1-year-old son Saint in his arms.

Kardashian's music choice for the video — Jeremih's song "Paradise"— seems to imply that she's loving her new life out of the spotlight. As the clips roll, the rapper croons:

"Oh I knew life would be alright 

But who could've known it'd be this good? 

Oh, and they tell me 

It gets better, better, better, better 

This is more than life 

This is paradise."

Kardashian's decision to celebrate the importance of family in a sweet video could have been spurred by their Sunday visit to Oklahoma City, where West's mother is buried.

According to TMZit was the first time that West took his whole family to visit his mother's grave.

Donda West died tragically in 2007 at the age of 58 of complications from plastic surgery. The anniversary of her death is rumored to have been one of the reasons behind West's recent breakdown.

But People reports that West is "doing much better" after visiting Donda's gravesite.

"He has worked out every day and is taking care of himself. Kanye seems much better mentally. He is sleeping better and seems much healthier," one insider told People

"He and Kim are getting along better," the unnamed source added. "Things are looking better for the new year." 

Looks like West's New Year's resolution is off to a great start.

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