Say Goodbye to Saddlebags With This Full Leg Workout

Say Goodbye to Saddlebags With This Full Leg Workout
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Saddlebags are not only an unflattering word, they are just plain unflattering. Nobody wants extra fat hanging on to the outsides of their thighs, especially because skinny jeans and denim are such a popular current style. This full leg workout will target your leg muscles and have you sliding into those tight jeans and wiggling into those leggings in no time.

Weighted Genie Press

Holding a weight against your chest, sit straight up on your knees and lean back keeping your abs tight and back straight. Pull forward to your straight up position and repeat. This will target your quads as you lean back. 

Inner Leg Lift

Lying on your side, place your top leg's foot on the floor towards your hip with your knee bent (as pictured). With your bottom leg extended out, lift it up and bring it back down in a pulsing motion. Do this for approximately 50 reps then switch sides.


Squats, squats, squats. You can never get enough of these. With your feet planted about shoulder width apart, bend at the knees and squat down as if sitting in a chair, then stand back up. Repeat for about 50 reps and 2 sets. Add some weight for an extra challenge.

Side Kick

This is where kickboxing comes into play. Kick your leg to the side leaning a bit into your planted foot, then lower to a standing position. Repeat for 25 reps, 2 sets, then switch sides.

High Knee Skips

This will give you a little cardio action while targeting your butt and legs. Skip with a big leap, driving your knee up to your chest with each skip. Alternating sides, skip for about 50 seconds. 

Curtsy Lunge

Standing up with your feet shoulder width apart, take one foot behind and over to the opposite side while lunging into it (as pictured). Spring back up to your starting position and repeat using the opposite foot. Do 25 reps for each side.

Fire Hydrants

On your hands and knees, lift one leg out to your side as it is still bent, like you are a dog at a fire hydrant. Lower back down and repeat for 50 reps, then switch to the other side. This will get your legs and bum burning.

Fire Hydrant Kicks

A step above the previous workout, fire hydrant kicks kick it up a notch. Just like a regular fire hydrant, you will lift your leg to the side with your knee bent. But this time, once it is lifted, you will extend your full leg out by kicking it out at the top, bring it back in and down to complete one set. Repeat for 50 sets, then switch sides.


With or without added weight, lunges are a great leg workout that can surely get you in shape. Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and take a large step forward with one foot, lunging forward with the back knee bent. Be sure not to hit your back knee to the floor and that your front knee does not go past your foot that is planted to avoid injury. Step your front foot back to the starting position and switch feet. Alternate sides for 50 total reps. 

Side Lunge

Starting in a standing position shoulder width apart, take a wide step to the side, leaning into the far leg and squat into it as if sitting in a chair. Burst back up to your upright position, standing on your planted foot, and driving your knee up. The, go back into your lunge. Repeat this for 25 reps then switch sides. 

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