The Pictures This Fisherman Posts Of His Deep Sea Finds Are The Stuff Of NIGHTMARES

The Pictures This Fisherman Posts Of His Deep Sea Finds Are The Stuff Of NIGHTMARES
Roman Fedortsov/Twitter

Getting to explore the deep sea must be amazing. We've all seen The Little Mermaid, so we know it's better down where it's wetter. 

Now we hear a fisherman is posting his catches from the briny depths. They must be amazing! Imagine all the colorful sea creatures, or eels, or...

Nope! It's all nightmares down there! 

Seriously, if we caught any one of these we would stab it, throw it back, and ask Jesus to send it back to hell.

So, if you want to see the real life monsters that lurk in the bottom of the ocean, check out these Twitter pics from fisherman Roman Fedortsov's feed.

Just a Halibut

Oh good. That makes us feel great about ordering halibut now.

Demon Eyes

According to the Twitter translate it says "Often seen in steel." That does not make us feel better about this demon fish.

Looking Right At Ya

Why does it have so many teeth? Who knew fish had teeth?

Monster Sea Spider

So, there's not just ugly fish in the deep sea, there's also horrifying lobster/spider hybrids. Part of his caption translates to "I hope such a creation is not poisonous." Shockingly :) does not translate to "Oh F@&!" in Russian.

Did Someone Say Teeth?

Okay, now that other toothy fish looks like a friendly pet. The pointy teeth go 4 deep? Why, God, why?!


This one's almost cute until you realize it looks just like the baby aliens in Aliens.


We can't even understand what this is or how it functions.


What is happening here? Is this real life?

Inside Out Fish

So, this is just a fish who has inside out eyes and throws up it's own intestines, right? 


Sweet God, imagine seeing this alive! Monsters are real, everyone. We repeat, monsters are real and they might try to steal your soul.

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