What Does Your Choice of Wedding Dress Style Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Choice of Wedding Dress Style Say About Your Personality

If you’re a bride-to-be who’s in the process of planning your wedding and you haven’t picked out a wedding dress yet, take a breath, release the stress and read this article all the way through.

Before heading out to a store or boutique, there’s something you need to think about (other than your budget): your personal style. A mistake that many brides make is going dress shopping without taking their personality into account. Instead, they go with no real idea in mind, too many people in tow and several customer service people telling them what looks pretty on them rather than asking them what message they’d like to convey.

That’s where we come in. Look at this list, think about the statement each of these types of wedding dresses make. Then think about what you want to say about yours. It’ll make the search a whole lot easier. Promise.

Short dress

Short dresses are cute; adorable even. They also deviate from the norm because most wedding dresses are floor length. So, if you’re someone who’s thinking about wearing one, you are probably free-spirited, you take a casual approach to life and you don’t want to be a cookie-cutter bride. Chances are, you’re also considering having a casual or really small wedding and you want a dress that is practical. Maybe even one that you can wear again.

Plunging neckline

A bold and sophisticated kind of woman, who loves a hint of drama is someone who opts for the plunging neckline. This is the kind of wedding dress that gets plenty of stares and is perfect for formal weddings. We personally recommend women with smaller bust lines wear it. Fuller chests can end up taking this from sexy to borderline obscene (not a word you want to be used to describe you on your special day!).

Slip dress

Simple elegance. That might be the best way to describe a slip dress. Some brides make it work, no matter what time of year it is or where they decide to get married. To us, it’s the kind of dress that’s perfect on the beach or at a destination wedding. It’s also the kind that beautifully incorporates other hues other than white like light grey, light blue and blush. If your attitude is like “I’m more into the marriage than the dress”, this might be the kind you decide to go for.


A woman who follows trends would walk down in feathers. We say this because this is the kind of dress that is not typically on the racks. It pops up when it’s huge in the bridal magazines and on the fashion blogs. If you’re the one among your friends who is known to be the fashion plate, feathers just may be your lane.


You won’t see it coming. That’s what we think about when you see a backless dress! It has a huge element of surprise because from the front, the bride looks like she’s in somewhat of a traditional dress. Oh, but from the back, baby…look out! (Is that how people tend to see you in general?)


Soft, sweet and feminine are all words that are usually used to define a lace dress. It goes well with basically every body type, which makes it a bonus over fabrics such as satin. Lace also has a hint of vintage to it if you’re a woman who likes throwback styles or you consider yourself to be boho chic.


Can it possibly get any more over the top than this gown? Doubt it. Traditional dresses are for the bride who says “This is MY day and I want to be the PRINCESS of it.” Couldn’t do a feature like this without including it. A classic look for a woman who has always lived for the fairy tale

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