What To Say When Your Kids Ask If Santa Is Real?

What To Say When Your Kids Ask If Santa Is Real?

Santa Claus is one of the most feared topics as a parent. You pretend to send the letter to Santa knowing well that it was a waste of a stamp and then attempt to get everything on your kid's list. Often it's hard to explain to your child why Santa didn't get the $600 doll house or iPad they wanted.

Regardless, when someone tells your kid that Santa isn't real and they ask you about it, it's a traumatic conversation for you. So here's how to handle the most feared question, "is Santa real?" like a boss!

When They Ask Why You Lied

When your kid already knows the truth there's no denying it anymore. Yup, you were the one leaving half-eaten cookies and dollars under pillows. The thing you have to worry about now is them asking what else you've lied about. The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, what else was your evil doing?!

Just say it's what your parents did so you had no other option.

About The Mall Santa

When the mall Santa's beard falls off what do you say?! Say that Santa hires assistants to take pictures with children since he can't be everywhere and for plausibility to make sure he gets the requests of children right.


Pretend you didn't know. It's a shock for both of you and now you will need to deal with this tragedy together, with milk and cookies to cope.

Say What?

You didn't hear anything. What did your kid say? Just keep ignoring them and distract them with something else, all the while hoping that they forget.

Blame The Snitch

While it may not be the best option, you can say that it's a lie. Santa is real and the person who bursts your child's bubble is liar. Tell your kid not to worry, reassure him that a stranger will soon break into his home to leave him presents.

Believe You

Ask for your child's blind trust even though you are lying. Say that they should believe you when you say Santa is real, because adults know everything.

Love Fixes Everything

Apologize and say "I love you". Your child will be upset, but stating that you did it because you love them and that you wanted to give them the same experience other children have will lead to your forgiveness.

Santa IS Real

Insist that Santa is real and get your husband, brother, father, or uncle to dress up like Santa and make sure your kid sees it. One way or another you will prove that he does exist! (You liar.)

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