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Cameron Diaz Launches “Clean” Wine Line

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Many of us know Cameron Diaz from our favorite movies like The Mask and Something About Mary. What you may not know? The Hollywood bombshell is extremely passionate about all aspects of health.

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The 47-year-old bombshell released two autobiographies in the last 8 years discussing the importance of woman’s health.

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Fast forward to 2020. Diaz decided to put down the pen and create a product she truly believes in. A healthy twist on one of our favorite liquids ever made meet Avaline wine.

What is Avaline Wine?

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About two years ago, Cameron Diaz sat down with her dear friend and fashion mogul Katherine Power. Catching up over a glass of wine, the friends starting talking about clean eating. Just for the h*ll of it, the two read the nutrition label of the vino being sipped. Added preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, WHAT?!

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(Left– Diaz Right-Power)

At that moment, Avaline came to fruition. Diaz and Power agreed that giving up wine wasn’t the solution, creating their own was. Made from organic grapes, Avaline is NON-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, low calorie, and completely clean. Sounds to us like Avaline checks off all the boxes.

This sounds amazing, where can I get it?!

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Avaline wines are available in stores and online. If you go to the companies site, there is a “Find Avaline” tab that will help you locate a store that carries the wine. As of now, the company carries a rosé and white wine. (both bottles are priced at $24)

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If theres a way to be healthier while getting tipsy, we are on board. Best of luck to these beautiful woman and their new journey with Avaline wine.

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