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COVID-19 Testing: All You Need to Know

Carly Cimino



Waiting for answers during unprecedented times is difficult for everyone. All the unknown information can leave many of us feeling anxious and concerned.

“Do I have the virus?”, “Am I a carrier?”, “Did I have Covid-19 back in March?”.

Getting tested is a simple way to ease uncertainty and help our country take a step in the right direction.

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Where Do I Get Tested?

The first step is to see if your personal physician is participating in Covid-19 testing at his or/her office (most are). If for some reason your doctor is not testing, there is a long list of pop-up locations and Urgent Cares administering tests.

My Testing Experience

When I found out my Doctor (Dr. Kaga) was testing for COVID, I made an appointment immediately. I never felt symptoms of the virus and was concerned about being asymptomatic. (carrying the virus with no symptoms).

As per usual, I had a lot of questions for Dr. Kaga.

1. Are Covid-19 tests covered by insurance?

The insurance companies will cover the cost of the first test. The only thing you may pay out of pocket for is a $50 lab fee, which some facilities waive.

2. What type of test is this?

Dr. Kaga explained that she will be completing 2 tests. One test is to see if I currently have the active virus and the other is to see if I have the antibodies.

3. And what is a antibody test exactly?

4. What is the point in getting all of these tests if I have never had symptoms?

5. How do you perform the test?

Dr. Kaga explained to me that there are three ways to test for Covid-19.

  1. back of the nose
  2. front of the nose
  3. back of the pallet

Dr. Kaga swabbed the back of my pallet (active virus test) and set up for my antibody check in a matter of minutes.

The asymptomatic test was super important to me. I’ve been thus far symptom-free and had no idea if I was carrying around this silent killer.

“Last question Doctor!”

6. When will the test results come in?

Shoutout to Dr. Kaga at the Kaga Institute for making my Covid-19 testing such an easy process. If you or your loved ones have not got tested, go out there and get it done. Stopping the spread is the easiest way to kick this virus’ booty and move forward to a brighter future.

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