7 Whack Diets You Should NEVER Try

7 Whack Diets You Should NEVER Try

We all have stubborn pounds we're dying to lose. But there are people out there who are literally dying by resorting to ridiculous fad diets. We can't really blame them. These diets are perpetuated by a lot of Hollywood celebrities and the media. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to look like the people you see on TV? 

These fad diets or so called "miracle" weight loss strategies are not only extreme, but they are very much detrimental to your health. Here are some whack diets you should never try. Ever. 

Cotton Ball Diet

Believe it or not, a lot of people have succumbed to this trend. It is a fad diet that was born in the Internet. You can see it on YouTube videos, online forums, and of course, on Facebook. With this insane diet, you're supposed to soak a cotton ball in orange juice and swallow it whole. Not only does consuming cotton balls instead of food deprive your body of its much needed nutrients, you can also block your intestines. Moreover, most cotton balls you can buy at drugstores aren't even made of cotton. They're usually made of bleached, synthetic fibers.

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