Here's Everything You Need To Know About Having An Anal Orgasm

anal orgasm

We live in an adventurous age. It's also an age with so much pornography that there is no way your guy hasn't seen some anal sex at this point, so he's probably hoping to give you an anal orgasm one of these nights.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, sooner or later some man or other is going to propose making love to your butt. Always remember you have complete control over your body and every right to set limits, no matter how arbitrary. A good romantic partner will always respect your level of comfort, even while proposing gentle expansions thereof.

If you're curious about getting your derriere in on the erotic action, these are the rules you need to follow for a positive sensual experience, and, hopefully, an awesome anal orgasm.

Try It Out By Yourself

girl masturbates

Just to get comfortable with the idea, take things for a trial run when you're alone. You can use your fingers or toys to get a sense of what kinds of anal stimulation feels best.

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