Moms With Ink: Beauty In Shattering The Stereotype

Moms With Ink: Beauty In Shattering The Stereotype
Jay Eads

While the cultural taboos around casual tattoos have definitely faded in recent history, the stigma surrounding tatted parents, especially mothers, is still going strong. 

The days of old sailors and servicemen being the only people with inked skin have long gone. This is obvious by the fact that everyone from your kids' kindergarten teacher to your boring ass accountant seems to have at least a little bit of ink these days. Still, moms with tattoos that stray from traditional butterflies and roses are often treated poorly by those who hold major misconceptions about both motherhood and tattoos. 

Decked out in cool, colorful ink, these awesome mamas frequently have their parenting skills, morals, and even their beauty called into question. 

No matter their age, size, or collection of body art, the brave mamas on this list prove that you can be a badass and a great mom at the same time.  

1. Dynamic Duo

This mama clearly ain't afraid of breaking down boundaries. Her gorgeous sleeves may not shine as brightly in this black and white photo, but her son's adorable mohawk and their badass stances show off a cool but loving dynamic. 

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